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September 2008

Surround remix of music for "2012"
September 6th, 2008

I will be remixing the music for the film 2012 by director Marcus Overbeck (KHM Cologne). The music was composed and produced by Martin Wiese of Aurora Musiklabor.

"Nora" mixed for Xenoclipse competition
September 5th, 2008
The new short documentary 
Nora by Caroline Bergmann and Nadja Jessen has been mixed for the xenoclipse competition. The portrait gives an insight into the life of a young Arab lady, born, raised and living in Germany and the question of identity.


August 2008

Surround-Production with Andy Gillmann
August 29th, 2008
I'm currently assisting Julian David
in the surround-production of a jazz trio formed by drummer Andy Gillmann. The jazz-fusion-combo's arrangements are sweetened with additional elements in order to use the additional space gained through 5.1 surround in a musical way. Julian David will be submitting one of the mixes to the upcoming AES student recording competition in October.

On location for "Schlaraffenland"
August 6th, 2008
I spent the last three weeks as a production sound mixer on location filming the short Schlaraffenland. The children's film by director Sarah Mettke (DOP: Maximilian Hoever, Producers: Filmacademy Ludwigsburg, Amelie Küster, Steffen Wilhelm) was nearly entirely shot at Castle Wasserburg in Angern, near Magdeburg, and is being co-produced by the Bavarian Broadcast Corporation BR, SWR and ARTE. I was assisted by David Dimartino and Alex Würtz, recording to a DEVA IV, and we experimented with recording impulse responses of the rooms in the castle in surround sound for use in post-production. It was a very rewarding experience, working with the team in such a beautiful scenery, and enjoying the playfulness and joy of the three children.

Tonmeisterin Faye


June 2008

Gold for "ORANGE - I love you"
June 23rd, 2008
The spec spot ORANGE - I love you by director Aleksander Bach has been awarded with gold for winning the first prize at the Young Directors Award 2008 in Cannes.

Location sound for "Crew United"
June 10th, 2008
The short film Crew United by director Milos Savic was shot in Schwäbisch-Gmünd near Stuttgart last week. I was responsible for production sound, assisted by my David Dimartino. The film is being produced by Laura Müller and the Filmacademy in Ludwigsburg and was shot on 16mm by dop Nicu Mihailescu. I will be doing the sound postproduction in 5.1 surround.

"Sturmzeitblau" premiere
June 11th, 2008
The premiere to Jan Liesefeld's short Sturmzeitblau will be held at Cologne's Kisd Academy on June 12th.


May 2008

"Top 10 Grooves and Beats" trailer online
May 27th, 2008
The trailer to my visual graduation work Top 10 Grooves and Beats with
Andy Gillmann is available online under media.

Second prize in AES Student Recording Competition
May 23rd, 2008
Students of the
IMM Duesseldorf have won three prizes at the 124th AES Convention's student recording competition in Amsterdam. David Schwager came first in the category "non-classical surround", I won the second prize in the category "sound for picture" for a new mix of Paul's Grandpa and Simon Spillner came third in the category "classical surround".

Production sound for film by Johan Leenders
May 1st, 2008
I will be doing most of the production sound recordings for the visual graduation production of my colleague Johan Leenders. The documentary will try to find the face of our generation and document it by interviewing people in their twenties. The interviews will be recorded at
IMM Duesseldorf.

"Dong Open Air 2006" completed

May 1st, 2008 
The documentary on the Dong Open Air 2006 metal festival by Stephan Liehr has been completed. The three hour DVD gives an insight to the annual festival in Neukirchen-Vluyn, from setting up the location to the actual festival with excerpts from the concerts. The mix was done in 5.1 surround sound and includes surround mixes of the concerts by my colleagues
Julian David, David Schwager and Marc Wesemann. The premiere is held on May 3rd at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf.

"Sturmzeitblau" completed

May 1st, 2008
Postproduction for Jan Liesefelds short Sturmzeitblau has been completed. The final mix took place at the mixing stage of the Academy of Media Arts
KHM in Cologne in 5.1 surround sound and Dolby stereo on a Digidesign ICON D-Control.

Andrew Mottl at KHM mixing stage Andrew Mottl at KHM mixing stage Andrew Mottl and Jan Liesefeld at KHM mixing stage
Andrew Mottl and Jan Liesefeld at KHM mixing stage Andrew Mottl and Jan Liesefeld at KHM mixing stageAndrew Mottl and Jan Liesefeld at KHM mixing stage Andrew Mottl at KHM mixing stage


April 2008

New Domain -
April 14th, 2008
This site has moved to the new domain

Postproduction for KHM Cologne
April 11th, 2008
I am currently doing the sound post production work for Jan Liesefeld's short Sturmzeitblau. I will be doing additional sound design to complement the sounds and music composed by the director. The final mix will be taking place in 5.1 surround at the dubbing stage at KHM Cologne.


March 2008

On location for "Mein Großvater" (My Grandfather)
March 13th, 2008
I will be filming on location in Ludwigsburg for the next two weeks as production sound mixer for the short My Grandfather. The film starring German actor Matthias Habich will be photographed by camera award winner Peter Matjasko and is a co-production of the Filmacademy Ludwigsburg and the Bavarian Broadcast Corporation. Michael Eßer and Silvan Oschmann will be my assistants on set.

Nissan Micra Spec Spots
March 13th, 2008
I am currently designing the sound for 3 spec spots for Nissan by director and dop
Max Tsui. Due to a very tight schedule and a very strong bond between sound and picture we will be filming to playback of the pre-produced sound on one of the new RED CAMs.

Top10 Grooves & Beats
March 3rd, 2008
My visual graduation work, the drum tutoring DVD Top10 Grooves & Beats with Andy Gillmann has finally been authored this very morning. The DLT tapes were brought to the replication plant this morning, exactly 2 months after the first take was shot! The DVD will be presented at Frankfurt Musikmesse in mid-March.


February 2008

D-Fused concerts
February 9th, 2008
D-Fused, the funk/latin jazz band based around Lukas Dziwoki (gt), Johan Leenders (pn), Andrew Mottl (dr) and Jörg Plewe (b) played two concerts this week, one at the graduation party of the Design Faculty at the University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf, and another at the Plan B party of Duesseldorfs Theater Schauspielhaus.


January 2008

Happy New Year!

Andy Gillmann DVD recordings
January 6th, 2008
The recordings for my visual graduation work were a great success! It took one day to set up the 5 cameras, sound and lights and two for the actual recordings, with a wonderful team consisting of Julian David (sound engineer), Stephanie von Fragstein (camera and lighting), Kai Holzkämper (video engineer), Philippe Waldecker (camera and lighting), Markus Braun (assistant sound engineer), Leif Thomas (camera and gaffer) and Matthias Heuser (camera). Thanks to you all for the great work!

Andy Gillmann DVD Crew

"Paul's Grandpa" wins festival prizes
The children's short Pauls Opa (Paul's Grandpa) has won several prizes, amongst them the first prize at Berlin's children's film festival Interfilm. The jury liked the fact that the grandpa is not computer animated. Apart from that, the film won an audience award in Peking and the Ulrich-Schiegg film prize in gold in south Germany. The next fetival screenings are Thailand, (Children International Film Festival in Bangkok), East Lansing Film Festival (USA), California Independent Film Festival (USA) and Landshut short film festival.

Visual graduation work
The multi-camera production of my graduation work in the visual department of the IMM with Andy Gillmann is taking place in the first week of January.


December 2007

Visual graduation work planned
I am currently planning a drum lesson DVD with Andy Gillmann, which is also going to be the graduation work in the visual department of my studies at the IMM. The multi-camera production is scheduled to be available at Frankfurt Musikmesse in March.

Music for
Siostry, the website of the Krefeld-based jewelry designer Katharina Koczy is online! Siostry offers colourful jewelry made of felt and strass. I produced the music for the website.

VFX for HFF Munich Film School
I was responsible for visual effects, compositing and music for the HFF München (film school Munich) production O2 Mobile Movie Award by Isabel Gathof and Ina Mikkat. The conceptual idea was to produce a spot for O2 my filming with a mobile phone.

"ORANGE - I love you" completed
The spec spot ORANGE - I love you by director Aleksander Bach is completed. The final mix was done by Martin Schütze.

"Paul's Granpa" DVD available
The DVD of the children's short Pauls Opa (Paul's Grandpa) is available now!


November 2007

"Just a visitor?" wins competition
Nadia Jessen's documentary on immigration Nur zu Gast?/Just a visitor? has won the WDR/Unesco competition Boundless/Grenzenlos!

VDT sound design symposium
The 2nd international VDT sound design symposium took place in Ludwigsburg. There I was able to get a great look and wonderful ideas for topics like sound design, film sound and game audio. Apart from that I met many exciting, interesting and above all very friendly people and "big names" in the business.

Steven Merson enters radio charts
Steven Merson
made a great start into the Radio Siegen charts with his single London's Call and managed to make it past the new singles by Britney Spears and Linkin Park!
Many many thanks to all the fans for supporting! But now it's back to voting for the next rounds...


October 2007

Julian David wins AES student competition
Julian David won the first prize at the AES student recording competition in New York! He came first in the category "non-classical surround" with the surround mix of our Steven Merson production London's Call.

Production sound recording for "ORANGE - I love you" in Berlin
I spent the first week of October in Berlin recording sound for director Aleksander Bach's next commercial spot ORANGE - Ich liebe Dich (I love you). The 35mm production with German Camera Award winner Peter Matjasko was supported by Telemaz productions both financially and with professionals in several departments. After the telecine and editing mid-October I will take care of the sound design.


September 2007

The short commercial for NIKE Mission 70+ by director Aleksander Bach has been nominated for the VDW-Award 2007!

The shooting to the feature film Sturmzeitblau by director Jan Liesefeld took place at the film studio at Cologne's KHM media art school. The film was shot on MiniDV with a Mini35 adapter, the sound was recorded on a DEVA IV. Postproduction is planned for beginning of next year.


August 2007

Julian David and I have recorded some of the performances of the monthly West Jazz concerts. Apart from that we are producing the current demo-cd of the Andy Gillmann Trio, formed around Düsseldorf's jazz drummer Andy Gillmann.


July 2007

The shooting for the film trailer to VRIL 39 by Matthias Heuser was a great success! Julian David and I were responsible for location sound recording on set. The trailer is currently in post production.
Vril Trailer - Andrew Mottl Vril Trailer - Julian David

OUT NOW: The new CD by singer/songwriter Steven Merson is available from The album was recorded and produced by our keyboarder Julian David.
Steven Merson - Clearing My Head


June 2007

Singer/songwriter Steven Merson ( came first in the newcomer competion "Mittwochs in Siegen"! We gave a concert as the headliner band in front of 2000 people just outside Siegen's castle.

Dialogue for the American dub of the short film Pauls Opa was recorded in Berlin on June 17th. We hired the studio "Tonbüro" for a day, the final dub will be made in the studios of Cologne's KHM school of media and arts.


May 2007

I'm working for the US company JL Fisher at the AES Convention in Vienna, booth X1720. JL Fisher are the leading company when it comes to professional microphone booms.

Apart from that I'm currently working on the surround mix for a school performance of the musical The Sound of Music and on the sound design and TV mix for an episode of Rebus, a production of the Filmacademy in Ludwigsburg.


April 2007

New website!

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